Family Advisory Council at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital – Join Today!

For the last year, I have had the pleasure and honor of serving on the Family Advisory Council at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHACH). Our next term begins in September and we are seeking new members to bring fresh ideas and experiences to the table. The council works to promote patient centered care and to help hospital personnel understand the diverse needs of patients and families. Family Advisory Council members give feedback on topics that include interactions with the hospital environment, communication with caregivers, coordination of care, and creating a child friendly experience.

If you have ever visited any hospital, you likely had an idea during or after your visit that would have improved your experience. Often, we forget about the idea before the survey comes in the mail, or we assume that the hospital is unlikely to change their practices even if we provide feedback. At JHACH, hospital leaders are ready to listen to your ideas! As a member of the Family Advisory Council (FAC) your time and efforts are not wasted, as you watch ideas actually put into action during your time of service.

motivational-quotes-how-will-you-make-the-world-a-better-placeAs a member of the FAC, you are representing the voice of the patient experience. Institute and department leadership frequently seek direct feedback on patient and family experiences in addition to our broader look at the entire hospital. There is also a fellowship of support amongst the members, as each of us has a unique relationship with JHACH depending on our child’s diagnosis or health.

Our first meeting with new members in is September, so please don’t put off this opportunity. You can read more about the Family Advisory Council’s purpose on the JHACH website, or click here to apply now!


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