Teacher Appreciation Gifts for a Busy Mom – NO Craft Skills Required!

Let’s start with this – teachers are amazing, and if they are properly caring for and educating your child than they deserve any token of appreciation that you can provide. If they want to do a fun project for their class, and request a few supplies, you should immediately respond and pick up the glue/contact solution/glitter and drop it off the next day. Notwithstanding the fact that they shouldn’t be using their own money on these items, knowing your child can now make glitter projects in a place that you don’t have to clean should be all of the incentive you need.

Teacher Appreciation Week this year happened to fall when my husband (the resident crafter in the house) was out of town. Thanks to Google and Pinterest, I managed to put together a week’s worth of gifts for my kid’s teachers after one short shopping trip to Target (with a Starbucks inside). The shopping list below creates a set of gifts to cover the entire week for your child’s teacher.

Here’s what you’ll need at home:

  • Photo Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Permanent Marker
  • Hole Puncher
  • Tape

Shopping List (I found everything at Target):

  • Starbucks Cup with lid and straw
  • Tissue Paper in a fun color (1 sheet)
  • Starbucks Gift Card (add value)
  • Pipe Cleaner
  • Ribbon (Thin, about 3 feet)
  • Container of mini m&m’s
  • Fairy Bomb Bath Bomb
  • Candle with removable lid
  • Chapstick


20180506_114639YOU’RE THE BALM

Google “You’re the Balm printable” – you’ll have dozens of options of images to print. Have your child sign it, and then simply tape the Chapstick onto the photo.


20180506_114534THANK YOU FAIRY MUCH

Google “Thank You Fairy Much” and there is a large selection of cute printable options under the image results. I attached them via hole punches and ribbon to the bath bomb container. You could also adjust the card theme to the theme of the bathbomb, if you select a different one such as superhero.



Print your choice of photo from your Google search. Tape the M&Ms container onto the card after your child signs it. (This can also be done with lollipops, or a favorite candy of your teacher).


Print your choice of photo from Google. Remove the lid and tie the bow around the lid – when you put the lid back on the candle it will hold the ribbon in place without a bunch of tape. I had my kids sign the photos prior to tying them on the candles. You can see I used one small square of tape in the middle of the bow on the lid. You’ll need the hole-puncher as well to attach the ribbon to the card.


You can make your own graphic on word or powerpoint for this one (or again, Google)! Bunch up the piece of tissue paper (there is half a sheet in each of these cups pictured). Mauever the straw in so it will stay and not push the paper down too much. Drop the Starbucks gift card in so it can be seen from the outside. I played around for awhile on how to hand the card nicely on the cup – I finally punched a hole in the lid and attached it with a piece of pipe cleaner. It was the best option I found for laying the card nicely on the lid.

There you have it. An entire week of reminding your child’s teacher that you appreciate what they do.



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