The Perfect Running Partner

This is a story about the time I found my perfect running partner. I met her at the start line where I told her that my husband said I could do the whole race in under 2:20.

She didn’t look convinced.

For the first six miles she was so mean; teasing me and telling me I couldn’t do it. Around mile 7 I think she realized I was serious. It was then she began to encourage me and push me harder.

She pushed me all the way to a personal record…15 minutes faster than my previous race in October. I started crying when I cross the finish line at 2:15.

When I turned to thank this woman I had run with, that motivated me and push me both physically and mentally, I realized there was no one there.

She was inside of me the whole time.

You will always be your greatest competition. Believe in yourself, and you can accomplish anything!


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